World tour 2018 / 2019


“‘A Spy in the Desert’ was phenomenal, a true testament to the quality of the podcast itself. Over the years of traveling and performing live shows, Welcome to Night Vale seemed to have truly perfected its live performance formula.” – Third Coast Review

We’re right in the middle of our world tour of A SPY IN THE DESERT, our latest Welcome to Night Vale live show! Our live show is a completely stand-alone story that can be enjoyed by long-time fans and newcomers alike, and A SPY IN THE DESERT finds unexpected ways to bring the audience into the performance.

Starring Cecil Baldwin, Symphony Sanders, Meg Bashwiner, and surprise guests playing fan favorite characters. Featuring live music by Disparition, with Mal Blum as The Weather in the UK and Europe and Dane Terry as The Weather in the US!

In addition to being The Weather, Dane Terry will be opening our 2019 US tour dates with a special performance of his new podcast Dreamboy! Don’t miss this surreal musical performance!

Our entire live show is appropriate for all ages, so bring the whole family!