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Welcome to Night Vale is free, twice-monthly podcast. It costs money to host & distribute the episodes and lots of time and creative energy to make these. We're, of course, happy as can be to do the show. It's fun for us, but if you like the show and want to support it monetarily, we would love it.

Perhaps your contribution can help renovations at the Dog Park! We put out two free episodes per month, so consider valuing those two shows and make a Monthly Donation based on that. 



Your monthly donation to Welcome to Night Vale makes you a member of Welcome to Night Vale. As a member you will receive the benefits of your scout level as well as the benefits for all the lower levels. 

  • Blood Pact Scout - $2 - 4 p/mth = You will receive director's notes that correlate with every newly released episode. These will be sent out on the 1st and 15th of each month and will start as soon as you sign up!
  • Weird Scout - $5 - 9 p/mth = You will receive two bonus episodes per year, created exclusively for members. Plus, when you sign up, you'll get access to every bonus episode we've made so far.
  • Dreadnought Scout - $10 - 19 p/mth = We'll send you an exclusive poster signed by the Welcome to Night Vale creators. Additionally, you will get access to pre-sales for our live shows (where available).
  • Dark Scout - $20 - 29 p/mth = We'll send you a shirt of your choice (from select options) and priority invite to our 5th birthday party!** 
  • Fear Scout - $30 - 49 p/mth = We'll have Cecil record you a very special thank you message.
  • Eternal Scout - $50+ p/mth = You will receive a handwritten letter from either Joseph Fink or Jeffrey Cranor, and another letter for every year you continue to donate.

** Our birthday party will take place in the summer of 2017. More details will be announced closer to the date.

Have questions about our new membership? Click here for our Membership FAQ.

Become a member

Scout Levels

After confirming your payment method with PayPal, you need to complete your membership registration on our site. You should be automatically redirected back to Welcome to Night Vale after you complete your payment. If you are not, please click the "Return to Commonplace Books" button. You must complete your registration to recieve your rewards.

Questions or issues? Please email us at



We still have options for anyone wanting to make a one time donation!

$1 - $74 = Big thanks, fearful listener!
$75 - $149 = We'll send you a set of 4 Night Vale postcards (4 unique designs) 
$150 - $249 = We'll send you a black Welcome to Night Vale logo shirt, plus a set of Night Vale postcards
$250+ = Super thanks! You get immunity from all laws for 1 month. Plus the shirt and the postcards, and we'll even have Cecil record you a very special message.

One-Time Donation

After confirming your payment with PayPal, you'll be redirected back to our site. If you donated $75 or more, we'll need to collect some information in order to send our your rewards. Please fill out the form on our site to receive your rewards.